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Year 3 Visit West of England Falconry

03 May 2018

Last Thursday Year 3 visited the West of England Falconry, a charity that rescues birds of prey and is based just outside Bath. We visited the centre as this was our chosen charity in the Autumn Term when we made jellies and chutneys — we sold them and gave the money to the Falconry. Also, our theme this term is about animals. Thank you to Mrs Berkovitch for coming to help on the trip!

We worked collaboratively to write a report about the trip — here is some of our work:

The Owls: Owls are incredible creatures to study. They have beautiful different markings and patterns. Their personalities are adorable as well as being terrifying. Our favourite owls were Ghost and Siku. Siku is a snowy owl and Ghost is a barn owl. The owls who go out just at night time (nocturnal) have black eyes and the owls that hunt in the daytime (diurnal) have orange eyes. There are 400 species of owl in the wild.

Feeding the Owls: Owls eat a variety of food. Owls eat things like chicks, insects, caterpillars and dormice. We saw and owl being fed a chick, first, it started pecking at it, and parts from the inside came out. In the wild, owls are birds of prey which means they hunt for their food. They catch their food with their claws and use their sharp beaks to tear. Owls cannot digest feathers and bones, so they bring them back up as pellets. We have dissected some owl pellets in our science lessons this week!
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