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Year 4 Get Back to Nature!

18 May 2016

On Wednesday 11th May Year 4 went to the Countryside Education Trust in Beaulieu, in the New Forest. When we got there we met a really nice lady called Alison who was our group leader. There was also Janine who was our lovely cook. We finally found out who was in our dorms and then we were each given a tractor suit to put on! After this we were put into groups and all given a farm job to do, such as tending to the pigs and poultry, goats and cattle, gardening, laying the table and housekeeping. Looking after the goats and cattle included milking the goats which was challenging but fun! On our first day we also did exciting activities such as a blindfolded trail and saw a falconry display. Before bedtime we had hot chocolate and a biscuit which was a lovely treat. We were pretty good at going to sleep, although our teachers might disagree! In the morning after breakfast we did more farm jobs which were really great fun! Once we had done these jobs we all went for a walk to a really big, cool treehouse in the middle of the New Forest. The sun was shining on us! Before we ate our delicious packed lunch we were taken to a place where we could build dens in groups. Alison tested each one and said she was impressed. After lunch Alison told us the rules of where the boundaries were for orienteering and we got into groups of four and got going. The map reading was challenging but we did it! We then walked back to the farm and had to do more farm jobs. As a treat after our farm jobs, we got taught how to make a fire. We got it started and toasted marshmallows whilst singing a few songs. It was really great fun! At the campfire we got told that we could go to the shop to buy some things and we were allowed to go in our pyjamas. We were all so excited! After shopping in PJs we went to bed and went to sleep (much quicker on the second night!) On the last day we did our farm jobs like usual and then packed to go home. Then we got on the coach to go to Lepe Beach. At Lepe we looked for sea life and shells. Most of us found small crabs and someone found a blenny fish! We had another delicious lunch and then we were all given an ice cream! After saying our goodbyes to Alison we got onto the coach to go back to school. Sadly, in the middle of the dual carriageway we BROKE DOWN! So we had to wait until the police and a new coach and driver came to get us. Finally and safely we arrived back at school! What an amazing trip!


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