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Year 4 Get Busy on the Farm

14 May 2018

Year 4 went on our amazing residential trip to Home Farm in the New Forest. Here are some of our highlights:

  • Wearing tractor suits and wellies to do our farm duties such as mucking out the pigs and giving them food.
  • Cuddling the baby rabbits. They were adorable.
  • Helping to get the goat back in the stable. One of us in our group had a bucket of food and the rest of our group formed a human wall. The one with the bucket had to run into the stable and when the gate was opened the goat chased her all the way in – it was so funny!
  • Collecting the eggs. Do you know that if you hold an egg in the palm of your hand and try to break it by squeezing with that one hand (you can’t put your fingers in) it is impossible? Go on, try it!!
  • Putting the turkeys away at the end of the day. They roamed around the farm making funny noises!
  • The blindfold challenge. We were all blindfolded and in our groups we had to make our way around a trail by just holding on to a rope. There were many obstacles in the way and we had to work really well as a team to be successful.
  • Collecting dorm points for jobs and activities.
  • Going to Lepe beach, collecting shells and having ice cream!

It was a brilliant trip!

Year 4

The girls were an absolute pleasure to take away on this very happy trip. A special mention must be made about their beautiful manners and behaviour, including going to bed without fuss on both nights and waking up at a reasonable hour! The staff at Home Farm all commented on what a lovely group of girls they were.
Mrs Millard, Mrs Robson, Mrs Stockley

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