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Year 4 Tudor Assembly

13 February 2020

On Friday last week, Year 4 performed their assembly about Henry VIII and his six wives. We made our own headdresses which we wore in our amazing assembly. We started with a mini ‘Take Me Out’, which is a television dating show. It was very funny as Henry tried to get a date and in the end he chose six girls! We also sang a song. Half of us were Henry and the other half a pretty maid who Henry tried to persuade to marry him. At the end of the song, the maid sang, "I’m really quite fond of my head, I’d rather stay single instead!”

To finish we performed a brilliant dance from the musical Six, which is all about the six wives. It was so much fun learning the moves! We all learned a great deal about Henry VIII and his wives and we hope our audience did too! I am just glad that I am not really Catherine Howard, or I would have lost my head!

By Eloisa (Form Captain, 4RM)

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