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Year 4 Visit Longleat

24 June 2019

Last Tuesday Year 4 went to Longleat to meet some African animals. At the workshop we learned about lots of interesting animals and some of us handled a python. We enjoyed walking around Longleat looking at some of the animals like crocodiles, porcupines and meerkats in their enclosures. We even got to hold a tarantula and have a grass snake wrapped around our necks. We enjoyed the boat ride where we got to see the two hippos Spot and Sonia really closely. We had fun on ‘the rocking rhino ride’ where we rode on a rhino or a lion. Later in the afternoon we went through the safari. We were lucky to get a close view of a range of animals like lions, giraffes, tigers and flamingos. We learned lots of interesting facts about many African animals and had great day!

By Sophia Potter and Alice Rosa Everard 

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