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Year 5 and 6 Go Down the Rabbit Hole!

03 July 2019

On June 26th and 27th Alice in Wonderland came to life on stage at the Royal High Prep School. The girls in Years 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed putting on this wonderful production, with their sights always set high and led by the vision of Mrs Millard along with Miss Debby, who choreographed the show.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland was always going to be a challenge to stage, but the Prep girls took this in their stride. They brought their own unique twists to each and every character, from the busy, panicking White Rabbit to the cool, funky Caterpillar, the mean girl Flowers to the Mad-Cap tea-party personalities! The rehearsal period was energising and so much fun.

With special thanks to Mr Woods, Mrs Sharples, Miss Gurney and all the girls who attended Props and Scenery Club for creating such a magnificent set, complete with a set of colourful toadstools and a real rabbit hole (which we sent Miss Hughes down after the show on Thursday!).

The costumes were simply mesmerising – a huge array of different fabrics, colours and designs and we all felt very special wearing such incredible costumes. A huge thank you to Carole, Penny and all their helpers who assisted (with a special mention to Penny’s niece Katie). Also, thank you to Mrs Fernandez for our wonderful face paints and to all the Mums who helped with hair, including Sam Wright and Lisa Smith who returned to help!

All in all the show was a spectacular success. Years 5 and 6 want to give a very special thank you to Mrs Millard and Miss Debby for making it all happen.

We will never forget this magical experience.

Megan Brown, Zara Lyshkow and Cat Temple

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