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Year 5 and 6 Shoot for the Stars!

31 January 2019

Year 5 Team: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Opposition: Monkton Prep 

Members of the Team: All of Year 5

Result:  W 6-3

Memorable Moves and Moments:  The icy courts meant that this fixture moved inside into the Sports Hall, and all the girls contributed to the final score. The game was played across six ‘quarters’ with everyone playing in at least 2. With only 2 playing positions allowed to score, not everyone had the opportunity to get on the score card, but Hattie, Kitty and Flo all contributed to the final score line. The most pleasing aspect of the game was the movement from the girls, all working hard to get free and to drive into space. The girls were great at looking forward down the court and making quick progress to our attacking circle. Our next focus must be to attack the ball so that we can make more interceptions. Special mention to Sophie M who showed great resilience after an injury to recover and get back out on court and help her team to a pleasing result. A lovely, competitive game against a very positive Monkton side. A great start from all!

Mrs McArthur


Team Name: Year 6 Dinosaurs

Opposition: Monkton Prep

Members of the Team:  Tilly, Jemima, Zara, Isla, Charlotte P, Jess, Hettie

Results: L 4-13

Players of the Match: Jemima and Zara for great defending and interceptions

Memorable Moves and Moments: This team started slowly and improved with play. In the third quarter the girls were hungry for the ball and intercepted many passes and scored three goals. Zara and Jemima consistently turned over many balls, halting the very confident and fast-paced  Monkton team. Moving forward the girls need to embrace their positions and drive for the ball. 

Mrs Banks


Team Name: Year 6 Darwin

Opposition: Monkton Prep A

Members of the Team:  Charlotte B, Megan, Cesca, MÍla, Lydia, Phoebe, Molly, Amelie

Results: W 2 -1

Player of the Match: Cesca, for great determination to win the ball

Memorable Moves and Moments:  There was an impressive start to the match with drives down the court and accurate passing. Megan and Cesca worked well in the circle to score one goal each to win the match 2-1.  Well done, girls!


Team Name: Year 6 DNA

Opposition and location: Monkton Prep B

Members of the Team:  Delilah, Flora H, Shreya, Holly, Laura, Bella, Flora S, Cat

Results: L 1-2

Player of the Match: Laura, for great defending and interceptions

Memorable Moves and Moments: This was a very close game with good passing throughout the court from both teams. Shreya scored a good goal and Laura worked well to halt Monkton's score to 2.  Well done, girls!


Team Name: Year 6 Fossils

Opposition and location: Monkton Prep B 

Members of the Team:  Eloise, Éowyn, Daisy, Ophelia, Kshama, Poppy, Ella Scott, Ella Shishkaryov

Results: L 0-3

Player of the Match: Éowyn for always being free to receive the ball

Memorable Moves and Moments: By the third game Monkton B had really got into their stride and we struggled to match their pace. Éowyn did incredibly well to time her dodges to perfection, creating space to form attacking play. In preparation of the next match all the team need to be more hungry for the ball and to want to find space.  Well done, girls!

Mrs Stockley


The Darwin, DNA, and Fossils teams also played among themselves, as well as against the Monkton B team.  


Darwin: won 7-0 v Fossils; won 6-0 v DNA

DNA: won 3-0 v Fossils; lost 0-6 v Darwin

Fossils: lost 0-3 v DNA; lost 0-7 v Darwin

Memorable Moves and Moments: The girls all did really well competing in a mini-tournament amongst themselves. There were some lovely demonstrations of skills taught in training, especially getting away from defenders when attacking. Éowyn in particular managed to dodge effectively, helping her team bring the ball up from defence. Shreya showed examples of getting free from her defender in the attacking circle and positioning herself well to take a shot at goal. Additionally there was great defence throughout, with all teams keeping close when marking their opposition. A special mention to MÍla who made a series of great interceptions.

Congratulations to Darwin who took the overall win with two convincing victories, helped greatly by excellent shooting from Cesca. It was a great start to the season with all the girls playing a lot of netball in sunny,  cold conditions. Well done!

Miss Cornick

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