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Year 5 Explore the World of the Native American

28 February 2018

On Tuesday 6th February Year 5 welcomed a guest speaker from the American Museum in Bath, who brought a wide range of artefacts and resources for the classes to explore.

As part of their learning journey entitled ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Brave’, pupils in Year 5 have been researching the practices of indigenous tribes from all across North America. With a particular focus on the Navajo culture, the girls were able to investigate handmade objects, predicting their uses and evaluating the materials they were made from. Jennifer, our speaker, gave an informative presentation and the girls asked thought-provoking questions, furthering their understanding of this fascinating subject.

Following the artefact investigation, the classes tried their hands at Navajo weaving. The girls thoroughly enjoyed producing their own miniature rugs and they showed interest in the shapes and patterns included in this craft, often representing naturally accruing shapes in nature.

Next, the girls will research and write about a chosen tribe during English lessons; our workshop has inspired many lines of enquiry.

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