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Year 5 Visit Osmington Bay

29 April 2019

Year 5 journeyed to Osmington Bay in Weymouth for a fun-packed, action-filled week at PGL. We arrived at our accommodation, called Abbotsbury, at lunch and after we had put down our bags, chosen our beds and met our group leader, Chris, we went outside in the glorious sunshine to eat our lunch. After lunch, we unpacked a little and made our beds before heading out on the first activity, Raft Building. We started with some team games and we needed to work together to earn the parts of our rafts. We floated our rafts on the small lake on-site; needless to say we all ended up getting a little wet! We ended the first day with a campfire and marshmallows as the sun went down!

Day 2 started with a climbing wall and we had to learn to put on leg and chest harnesses (we would become experts by Thursday). The climbing wall was 10 metres tall and many of us managed to reach the top. We had to shout, 'I’m a little teapot’ if we reached the top and wanted to abseil down. We then did orienteering.

After a nice lunch and time to relax back in our dorms, we did the 3G swing and abseiling. This really tested us, as the abseiling wall was tall and stepping out over the edge required determination and risk-taking. Many of the activities at PGL required us to use our learning to learn skills and we hope they will help us to become more resilient and resourceful in the future. On Tuesday evening, we visited the shop on campus and chose some gifts for our family and friends and perhaps the odd gift for ourselves too!

Day 3 started early with breakfast at 7.20 a.m. Every day there was the choice of a cooked breakfast, cereal, toast, yoghurt and fruit. When you are doing physical activities all day, it is important to give your body fuel for energy. We started our day doing the ‘Trapeze’ or ‘Leap of Faith’. This means climbing up a 10-metre pole and then jumping off the top to hit a plastic ball, which is hanging near. This requires nerves of steel and good balance. Each girl set herself a target, of how high they wanted to go. Everyone then worked hard to achieve or even exceed their goal!

After a lunch of baguette sandwiches, soup and salad, we headed off to complete the zip wire and rifle shooting. The zip wire was the tallest in England and many girls managed to complete it, even though they thought they wouldn’t. It is always great when you surprise yourself! Rifle shooting was fun and many of the girls achieved 9 or 10 from hitting the centre target. It was tricky loading the metal shot, but we learned quickly.

On Wednesday evening, we played Quidditch in the Sports Hall. Unfortunately, there were no flying brooms, but we did have a Golden Snitch, a Quaffle and beaters. After another long day, some of us were glad to climb into our warm beds and get some sleep. Flying through the air on ropes can be tiring!

Day 4 after another yummy breakfast we started our activities with either Archery of Sensory Trail. Some girls were a keen shot with a bow and arrow and scored many points for their dorm. Meanwhile on the sensory trail, girls were blindfolded and lead through a maze of logs, tyres and ropes – with only their communication skills to help them. It was funny when girls lost the rope they were following with their hand and shouted ‘Pickle’!

After lunch, we completed our final two activities: Jacob’s ladder and Street Surfing (which is a mix of Skateboarding and Surfing). Mrs Drew and Miss Gurney were extremely impressed with our team skills when completing Jacob’s ladder. Almost all the groups made it to the top and it was incredible to see each team helping each other with strategies and encouragement. On our last night we had a disco and danced to lots of songs like the YMCA; Modern Dance club even showed us one of their dances. Mrs Drew, Mrs Keyter and Miss Gurney showed off their dance moves too – they might need a few more lessons from Miss Debby!

It was sad to pack up our rooms on the last day and wait for the bus. (Some girls even said they would be happy to stay the weekend and complete all the activities that were available on campus.) On our journey home, we stopped off at the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth and had a chance to see: Penguins, Turtles and Sharks. Did you know that Sharks can form friendships and some sharks even have a Best Friend?

What a fabulous week we had, with lots of memories to treasure. Thank you so much to Mrs Drew, Miss Gurney and Mrs Keyter for all their help, support and fun – you made our trip truly wonderful!

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