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Year 5 'Walk Like the Egyptians'

15 October 2019

On Thursday last week Year 5 took part in a fascinating Ancient Egyptian workshop at school run by the Living History Workshop Company.

Our budding archaeologists took part in a range of engaging activities in order to learn more about this intriguing civilization. The classes made reed matts, ground chalk powder in order to make paint, deciphered hieroglyphics, sculpted amulets from clay, played authentic Egyptian games and questioned the importance of historic artefacts.

“I really enjoyed grinding the barley in the quern and crushing the chalk to make paint.” Alice Gilbert

Year 5 enjoyed dressing up and wearing make up in order to set the tone for the event and the girls fully immersed themselves in the activities, asking some really thoughtful questions.

“My favourite activity was making the amulets because I enjoyed using the sandpaper and being creative.” Lizzie Cox

Our group leaders commented on how impressed they were with the girls and the school and a super day was had by all.

Mr Rushworth

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