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Year 6 Go Backstage

14 June 2018

As part of our theme, ‘All the World’s A Stage’, Year 6 enjoyed a backstage tour of the Theatre Royal Bath. Learning the history behind different parts of the theatre, such as ‘box office’ and ‘royal circle’ the visit was fascinating, teaching us not just about theatre in general but also stories unique to Bath.

Through our theme work we have learnt that theatre is full of superstition and Theatre Royal Bath is no exception. Do you know why it is good luck to smell lavender before a performance, or why there is a butterfly painting at the back of the stage? If not ask one of our Year 6’s to find out.

In science, we have been learning about the use of pulleys in theatre and as part of our workshop, we were able to see pulley being used for a wide range of uses. They are used to move curtains, scenery and even people! During the workshop, we were set the challenge of moving a bucket across a bar and to transport objects from the ground to the balcony.

After much trial and error, most of us succeeded. The trip to Theatre Royal, Bath was thoroughly enjoyable, helping to bring our theme to life. We can’t wait to perform our own production of The Lion King and we now have a much better understanding of all the work that goes on behind the scenes, both before and during our performance.

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