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Year 6 go on a French Adventure

30 May 2018

On Tuesday 8 May Year 6 headed off for the glorious landscapes of Picardy for their French residential trip. Luckily the sunshine decided to travel with us, enabling us to make the most of the water sports, beaches and picnic opportunities.

The focus of the week was to develop our French speaking skills, which we did in the patisserie, at the boulangerie and the market in Le Touquet. By the end of the week, our ability to buy French food was ‘superbe’ we even managed to order drinks in a café.

During the week we had a chance to experience a range of cultural activities. A visit to the snail farm was very interesting; we learned about their hibernation and reproduction as well as tasting some snail pate and snails cooked in garlic. They were surprisingly good and not unlike garlic mushrooms. At the wheat farm, we enjoyed making our own corn decorations following instructions that were given in French.

Learning to make croissants was hilarious; throughout the session, we were quizzed on our French vocabulary. Unfortunately, none of our attempts were good enough to be accepted and we had to make do with pain au chocolats and croissants from the bakery. It was obvious from the start that we were not going to be hungry at any time during this trip.

Our time in the chateau was very pleasurable. On the first day, after taking a tour of Rue and learning about its history we spent the afternoon enjoying the grounds by taking part in water sports on the lake. After learning about World War I and II in the first term of Year 6, it was fascinating to find out that the chateau had been occupied by the Nazis during the war – some graffiti remains to this day.

On our final day, we visited Amiens and also the trenches, which was all the more special after learning so much about life during this period of history at school. Highlights of the trips are too numerous to mention, for all of us the opportunities to speak French were plentiful and we thoroughly enjoyed putting our language skills into practice. Each evening we had the chance to entertain the teachers with our dorm inspections (in French of course) remembering some highlights from the day. It was an action-packed week with many memories made!

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