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Year 6 Visit the Home of Shakespeare

19 May 2017

Stratford-Upon-Avon was the destination for Year Six last week as they ventured to discover more about Shakespeare and his life. The morning was spent exploring the plot of The Tempest using a range of drama techniques to familiarise ourselves with the storyline, and also the characters and emotions behind the play. By further developing our understanding of beliefs during Elizabethan times we understood why magic and superstition is prevalent in so much of Shakespeare’s work.

Learning about costume and make -up was a highlight of the day, with the girls literally lining up to stab each other in the back. Using food colouring and pipettes created some ghastly effects! We discovered that costume changes need to be quick and there are lots of tricks of the trade that help ensure characters are ready for their next scene. In front of our eyes, girls were transformed into pirates and goddesses, with minimal accessories.

A visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace and home ended the day and we were able to better understand the world Shakespeare grew up in. Superstitious belief meant that he slept upright in his bed, shared with his brothers, fearful of the dangers that lay in wait should he lie down asleep in his bed. In the garden we were greeted by actors who invited a few of us to join in their play, much to the amusement of the audience. An enjoyable and informative day was had by all.

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