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Year 7 Roman Day

29 July 2019

Year 7 and their teachers arrived at school on Tuesday in their best Roman outfits. Tutor Groups were given suitably Roman names and became Teams Jupiter (Austen), Diana (Bronte), Minerva (Du Pre) and Venus (Wollstonecraft) for the day. We started with a costume parade and the judges were hard-pressed to choose from so many creative designs. Prizes were eventually awarded to Grace Adams, Catherine Ellis, Lola McIntyre and Bella Marinelli. Tempus Fugit as girls raced around the field, competing in Roman themed quizzes and games.

After break, we welcomed visitors from Legio Secunda Augusta. Alisa, a slave, and gladiatrix was assisted by willing volunteers from Year 7 as she told us about gladiators, toilets, Roman underwear and other essentials of daily life. A Roman Centurion and Auxiliary explained about life as a soldier, showing Roman artefacts and equipment to bring their talk to life. The girls practised Roman army drills on the field, following Latin commands from the Centurion as they marched. Year 7 really impressed our visitors with their enthusiasm, excellent questions, and professional marching. We ended the day with a relaxing “Roman Mystery” DVD after our busy programme. Congratulations to Team Minerva (aka 7D) for winning the team competition by one mark.

Thanks to Legio Secunda Augusta and to the staff who helped – Miss James, Dr Golder, Miss Lowe, Ms Morton, Ms Nurse, Ms Strazzanti.

Dr Jane McCarthy

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