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Year 8 Enterprise Day Making ‘Healthy’ Cool - Creativity, Marketing Flair, Entrepreneurial Skills and Boys!

21 February 2017

As part of our Annual Enterprise Experience, our Year 8 students had a very busy and exciting day on Thursday 9th February.   They were off timetable and given the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and be creative.  This is the second year we invited boys from Beechen Cliff School to join our day and this provided our girls with the opportunity to work with and alongside their male colleagues.  Led by Karen Kimura from GDST office, the students were involved in a venture to create a Healthy snack or juice brand.

The day started with an inspirational talk from local businessman Ash Bailey, founder of Henny & Joes Chai (www. Henny & Joe’s Chai is unique and relatively new to the market.  Former Beechen Cliff student himself, Ash told the students about his journey which started with an idea inspired while waiting for a coffee at the Bath Christmas Market.  With hard work and perseverance, his idea became reality in 2013 when he launched his company based here in Bath.  The students asked some intelligent and enquiring questions all of which Ash was happy to answer.  He also stayed around for a couple of hours to assist and advise the teams through their brain-storming to come up with their product and a brand name.

The students worked in small teams and their first task was to come up with a concept for a healthy snack or juice, a brand name, logo and slogan for their exciting creation.  In addition, they needed to consider budget, pricing, marketing, design, advertising, production of a promotional video and anything else they felt they needed to consider as a new entrepreneur launching a new product into the retail industry.   With their creative hats firmly on, each group were let lose to develop these ideas in preparation for their final presentations later in the afternoon.  

We were very impressed with their ideas and creativity.  Their work was of a very high standard and they gained experience in many important skill areas, such as communication, time management, problem-solving and team-work. It was great to walk around and see the boys and girls working together and supporting each other’s ideas and helping each other complete the set tasks. Their ideas really came to life!  

In the afternoon each team had to give a 5-minute presentation which included a promotional video for their product.  These presentations and advertisements were delivered to the other groups and our panel of esteemed judges: Mrs Duncan, Headteacher, Mr McArthur, Head of Business and Economics, Mrs Berry, Royal High School Marketing Manager and Mr Forrest, Head of Careers at Beechen Cliff School.  The afternoon started with some technical hitches but thanks to amazing IT support from Mr Pepperell from our ICT department, these were soon overcome and we were treated to some excellent presentations.

Team 7 were awarded a prize for teamwork.  They impressed from the off with how well they interacted as a group and exchanged ideas and listened to each other.

The following prizes were awarded by the judges:

  • Best Presentation – Awarded to Busy Bites for their informative and enthusiastic presentation.
  • Best Advert – Awarded to Fruitirola for their fun and engaging advert.
  • Best overall idea – Awarded to FRῢIT for their innovative idea and the way the group articulately presented their concept and brand.

Quite a lot was fit into just one day and the girls and boys learned a lot about themselves, each other and working under pressure out of their comfort zone.  They did themselves proud and proved to be highly creative, confident and great team workers.  Our judges were very impressed with what the girls and boys achieved during the day and how creative one can be when inspired by food!  I for one certainly enjoyed the day and was inspired by the creative ideas of our next generation!

Mrs Hughes, Head of KS3

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