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Year 9 take on the Global Sanitation Project

12 June 2018

From the 21st - 24th of May Year Nine were working on a Global Sanitation Project in order to achieve our Industrial Cadets Bronze Award.

Before we began to work on our projects we were able to listen to a talk about the importance of water hygiene, which was given by Water Aid volunteer Lucy George. As Lucy had also worked as an engineer abroad she told us about the different types of toilets that can be found in Kenya and Cambodia around the world. We were shocked to hear that, in some countries, they do not use toilet paper. We will leave the rest to your imagination.

We were then split into groups of five or six and given information about either a Kenyan or Cambodian village where we were given the task of placing and designing toilets and wells. We were told that we should imagine our presentation and ideas were going to be shown to the village elders, so we would have to explain to them why they needed better sanitation and how we planned to effectively improve the water hygiene in the village. We got straight to work and each group began using their different ideas and opinions to come up with intuitive ways to solve the issue we had been presented with. By then end of the first day all of the groups had begun working together to create their unique presentations.

On the second day the year was split into two groups and while half of the year spent the morning using a computer program to design a 3D digital version of their village, toilets and wells the other half of the year went off to visit a sewage treatment works so we could see how water is kept hygienic in the UK. It was a very interesting trip and after our tour of the facilities we had all learnt something new about water sanitation in Britain. Then in the afternoon the two groups switched roles and had the chance to try a new activity.

On the 23rd we were given the morning to finish our presentations and insert videos of our 3D Kenyan/Cambodian villages into our presentation before we had to present our ideas to the other groups so that two winning Groups could be chosen. These two groups were then asked to present their ideas to the rest of KS3 at the festival of ideas assembly on the 24th, during this assembly we were all presented with certificates and badges to show that we had earned our Industrial Cadets Bronze Award.

By Ava, 9B and Mrs Parr

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