Recent Outreach Activities

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Outreach in depth!

Our hockey, netball, dance and languages specialists deliver weekly sessions to 12 primary schools in our local area. Masterclasses have been delivered at our Senior School in hockey and netball for year 4, 5 and 6 girls in the local area free of charge and have reached over 50 girls from many Bath and Bristol schools.

Once again we hosted the annual High 5 netball tournament in partnership with the BANES Sports Partnership, helped at the St Mark's school fun run, our CSLA students delivered activity sessions to Swainswick primary and we have organised sessions for BANES Young Carers. Our amazing students are planning a large-scale festival for local primary schools this summer and we also volunteer our help a the BANES Dance Umbrella.

In-house events have seen our school Drama production and Dance Shows entertain primary schools and their teachers with matinee performances. We have loved having our captive audience for these events that have also provided additional leadership opportunities for our Key Stage 3 ambassadors who have hosted our visiting smaller people!

Gifted and Talented days have been held for the first time this year to supplement the limited BANES provision for primaries. In partnership with Lansdown Tennis Club next door to our school the inaugural 'Be a Pro' workshop for year 5's was held in March with an academic day-long programme taking place in May. 

As always we aim to respond to local needs and support primaries as much as possible.