Case Studies

Hilary Williams, Bath High School Alumna of 1963 and Legacy Donor

Hilary’s generous bequest to the RHS came as no surprise to  the many people whose lives she touched.  Coming from a family known for their generosity towards others, Hilary was ‘a people-orientated and inspirational leader with vision, but with her feet firmly on the ground.  She relished achieving results through others by encouraging, empowering and supporting.’  Enabling future girls to benefit from all the opportunities that her much-treasured education at Bath High School afforded her would have given her great satisfaction.

Hilary was immensely dedicated to the school through years of unswerving support, especially during challenging times. ‘She showed much kindness and was a thoroughly good sort,  who cared very deeply about the School and the Alumnae Association.'  Whilst Hilary is much missed, her legacy will continue to enable motivated girls and women. 

Hilary once said:  "I am all in favour of doing what you want to do; I've made a career of it."