Gifting FAQ

  • Why does the school need financial support of this kind?

Whilst our school has a strong history of philanthropic support, it does not have a significant endowment to support its continual development and progress (unlike many other independent schools). We endeavour to keep school fees as low as possible, and whilst the income we receive from fees and from the GDST allows us to provide the high quality of education we offer, it is not sufficient to enable us to invest in significant development or innovation, or to provide the level of bursaries we would ideally like to. Therefore, donations to help support and enable these opportunities and innovations to be pursued are of great importance to the future of our school and very gratefully received.

  • Does the money raised go directly to school or to the GDST?

You may choose whether you would like to donate directly to the Royal High School Bath, or to a central GDST fund. To increase efficiency and ensure all tax benefits are suitably claimed, all donations are administered by the GDST, but any funds donated with the intention of supporting the Royal High School Bath are ring-fenced for our use only.

  • Who can make a donation?

We are so grateful for donations from anyone connected with the school, or anyone with an interest in furthering girls’ education in Bath. This includes parents, alumnae, local companies, trusts and foundations.

  • Can I choose how my money is spent?

Decisions on the allocation of donated funds always entail a great deal of strategic thinking, discussion and planning to ensure the most effective, wide-reaching and important uses are targeted, in line with our school strategic plan. With this in mind, it is most helpful if you are happy to donate to one of our general funds, such as our Projects Fund or Bursary Fund. However, we warmly welcome all ideas and thoughts from students, parents, alumnae and staff about how you feel our school should progress and develop. This is your school, and we want to ensure our development plans mirror the wishes and hopes of our community members, so please do speak to us if you have any specific wishes for how your donation is spent.

  • How will I know how my donation has been spent?

Upon the receipt of your donation, we will immediately send you an official thank you letter, which outlines how we intend to spend your gift, if known at that time. If planning and decision making in the process of taking place, we will update you on the use of your gift as soon as possible. We will also send you regular news and updates about our school and the use of donated funds so you are fully aware of the destination of your donation.  

  • Will the money I donate be used for administrative costs?

No. Whilst the process of raising funds does take some investment, your donations will not be used in this way.

  • How do I make a donation or leave a gift in my will?

Lots of information about how to make a donation can be found on our ‘how to give’ page and on our ‘legacy giving’ page. For further info, please do contact us on 01225 313877 and we will be delighted to help.

  • I am not a UK resident. Can you accept my gift?

Absolutely, and we would be very happy to do so. The easiest way to do this is via the online donation page, however, if you have any problems will this please do get in touch. If you are US resident, you can make a donation through the British Schools and Universities Foundation (575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10022-2511, United States taxpayers are able to make tax deductible contributions to this Foundation via cash, securities, charitable trusts, testamentary trusts or individual retirement accounts. BSUF disburses these grants without charging fees or commissions of any kind. 

  • What is your registered charity number and address?

The Royal High School Bath is part of The Girls Day School Trust, which is a registered charity (306983) based at 10 Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5DH. 

  • I have further questions, who should I contact?

For further information about giving a gift to our school, please contact Anna Robertson, Development & Alumnae Coordinator at or on 01225 313877.

If you would like to speak to our Head, Mrs Kate Reynolds (from January 2020), about a donation, please do not hesitate to do so. You can arrange a meeting with Mrs Reynolds via her Personal Assistant, Mrs Ali Mottram, at or by calling 01225 313877, and she will be delighted to meet with you.