Legacy Gifting

A Gift to our school in your Will

Remembering the Royal High School in your will is a wonderful way to support girls’ education in Bath. Your gift will create an ongoing legacy, enabling your relationship with our school to live on for many years, and will make a remarkable difference to the lives of many girls.

Gifts that were pledged many years ago are now providing the support we need to further enhance our school environment and resources, and are helping us provide financial assistance for talented girls who may not otherwise have the opportunity of a Royal High School education.

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By deciding now to leave us a gift in the years to come, you will be providing the same, invaluable support for the future.  

How will my gift be used?

It is entirely your choice how your legacy gift is used, regardless of its size. You are free to direct your gift to our Bursary Fund, helping girls to experience a pioneering, outstanding education that could see them changing lives and breaking boundaries. Alternatively, you may like to direct your gift to our Projects Fund, which will help ensure that we are able to provide our students with high quality resources and equipment that will take their educational experience to the next level.

Benefits of legacy giving

As a charity, if you leave us a gift in your will, your gift is exempt from inheritance tax, making this form of giving strongly tax-effective. You can also feel assured in the knowledge that your Estate will be used in a way that directly reflects your values and wishes.

By pledging to donate a gift in this way, you will also become an extra special part of our school community. We will ensure you are always kept up to date with school news, are invited to be part of any special events and celebrations and have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas to our ongoing development.

How do I give a legacy gift?

It is always best to speak to your solicitor when creating or amending your Will to ensure you are aware of all of your options and that appropriate wording is used throughout. It also very helpful if you are able to let us know about any pledges you will be making – please do simply get in touch with us by phone or email and talk to us about your plans.

There are numerous types of gifts you can leave in your Will. The two most common types are:

  • A Residual Gift – this allows you to donate all or part of your Estate that remains after all other bequeaths, debts and fees have been met.  
  • A Pecuniary Gift – this allows you to donate a specified amount to your chosen beneficiary. You can either specify that the value of the gift remains constant, or you can guard against inflation by instruction to your executors that the gift should be index-linked.

We are happy to provide you with some suggested wording in your Will for each of these types of gift. However, you should always consult your solicitor to ensure that the appropriate wording is used throughout.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.