Music Scholarships

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The Music Department:

Music plays a major role in the life of the Royal High School Bath, and Music Scholarships are available to those entering the school in Years 7, 9 and 12. Opportunities for practice, performance, and the study of Music are considerable and the standard of musicianship at the RHS is excellent. Music Scholars' timetables are tailored to accommodate their musical interests and practice time and are carefully monitored. In addition to regular teaching and rehearsals, Scholars are encouraged to travel to performances outside of Bath and to attend recitals and master classes within the school. Music Scholars enjoy specialising in Music throughout their school career and perform in a range of internal and external concerts and recitals over the academic year. Musicians are also taken on tour, both nationally and internationally.

Highly achieving Music scholars are able to record their performances. In addition, many Scholars have the opportunity to perform as soloists in concertos, and many attain diplomas before leaving school. For some, Music is simply an important past-time, however, several have recently gone on to read Music at university and Conservatoire and subsequently pursued the subject professionally.

High standards of choral music are a distinctive feature of the musical life of the school, and all Music Scholars with suitable voices are expected to complement their instrumental studies with membership of Cantilena or V20 as well as other choirs, as advised by the Director of Music.

As a general rule, we ask for the following minimum requirements (or equivalent level) on their main instrument or voice from scholarship candidates:

Year 7: ABRSM (or equivalent) Merit or Distinction in Grade 3

Year 9: ABRSM (or equivalent) Merit or Distinction in Grade 5

Year 12: ABRSM (or equivalent) Merit or Distinction in Grade 7 

We also encourage candidates with exceptional potential to apply, but we would expect all candidates to have received some sort of formal training on their instrument or voice. It is quite unlikely that we would award a scholarship to a student who is only able to offer one instrument or just voice. 

Music Scholars can expect to benefit from:

  • Specific masterclasses by leading musicians
  • A series of concerts, performing alongside professional musicians
  • External performances within the local community
  • Termly Scholars’ concerts to showcase and nurture progression and development
  • Links with all major Music Conservatoires
  • Regular one-to-one meetings with the Director of Music to track progress and discuss career aspirations
  • Leadership opportunities in choirs/instrumental ensembles
  • Typically, a specialist scholarship is worth a 10% remission on the tuition fees. In certain cases, an Honorary Scholarship may be awarded, and whilst there is no monetary benefit, girls have full access to the Scholars’ Programme. 

The Application Process: 

The requirements of the audition are fairly similar in all cases. Potential scholars are asked to perform a piece on each instrument (or voice) offered, are given some aural tests and sight-reading commensurate with the standard expected of the age group, and are then asked about their musical experiences and interests to determine their commitment to Music in a broader context.

For further details, please contact Registrar Francesca Orr on

Tel: 01225 313877, Fax: 01225 465446.