Welcome to Boarding

A highly successful school.  A spectacular location.

Boarding is part of the personality of the School. This isn’t just a place to sleep after a day's learning, it’s your daughter's home for the best part of the year, so we make sure it's welcoming, friendly, safe, supportive and fun. Scroll down to view our boarding gallery.

Boarding at The Royal High School, Bath develops responsible and considerate girls and young women, promoting confidence and self-reliance in a lively and fun environment. All our girls can rely on our dedicated and experienced resident Housemistresses and Pastoral Care team for support and guidance at any time; we aim to support our girls through their emotional and social development amongst a wealth of friends and peers.

Our School is set in secure, beautiful grounds within walking distance of the centre of the City of Bath, which combines history and tradition with a vibrant, contemporary cultural life. Bath is a United Nations World Heritage Site, with elegant 18th-century architecture, canals, rivers, green spaces and the world famous Roman baths. Our boarders love this lively environment, enjoying its many cultural and recreational attractions and making the most of the great shopping! Within easy reach of London, Bristol, Oxford and international airports, Bath is an ideal location for girls to live, study and develop a global perspective in education.

The boarding day varies, depending on how old your daugher is, what she likes to do and when you like to do it. No 'one-size fits all'. Once the school day finishes the boarding day continues with tea, activities, prep, supper, possibly more activities or just chilling out in the common room. She might want to go and practice her instrument, she may be in a drama rehearsal, she may be at a fixture in of our sports teams. She may also be in the Art Studio finishing off her masterpiece. Your daugher's boarding life is exactly what she makes it.

From Year 5 upwards, our boarding environment for both UK and international boarders is home to girls from across the UK, and across the world including Germany, China, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. This makes The Royal High School a truly international learning institution, and is vital to our vision of helping all our girls to become tolerant, compassionate and thoughtful global citizens.

Our school is a positive mixture of day and boarding girls and the key word here is mixture. It is so important that day girls and boarders get along well together and feel equal. And they do. Our boarders and day girls thrive on supporting each other to create a real sense of society, belonging and happiness.