Gloucester House (Sixth Form)

Sixth Form boarding is a place where study and independence are balanced with a strong sense of community. The enjoyment of living with friends, and the chance to develop responsibility prior to heading off to university are the foundations of Gloucester House. This is the time when they really come into their own. You will find the boarders debating around the breakfast table, enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon, cooking an evening meal for friends, or planning an evening out.

Our Sixth Formers have structured time for demanding examination work, but around that is the freedom to organise their own time and many of our boarders will take advantage of the opportunities for community work or volunteering where their interests lie. We encourage girls to enjoy what Bath has to offer, with the comfort and security of a homely environment back in Gloucester House.  


Despite having to balance work and leisure time, they still receive the support and guidance of experienced resident staff at all times, particularly when making key decisions or facing any personal difficulties. Gloucester House girls are lucky to live in close proximity to where the Sixth Form have lessons and they share the facilities of Jimmy B’s café for studying and socialising with day girls, likewise we encourage day girls into the house to use the boarders’ common room and kitchen from lunchtime onwards. Boarders have facilities in the House to cook and do laundry for themselves if they wish and plenty of communal areas for enjoying the company of others or maybe quiet study.

Our caring and supportive Housemistresses ensure that our girls have the best preparation for the independence of life beyond school whilst offering the highest standards of pastoral care at this crucial time in their education.