At our school, we all look out foreach other.

Pastoral care and academic development go hand in hand. One can’t flourish without the other. We know that girls perform best when they are happy and secure, so we have developed a caring and supportive community to give girls a real sense of belonging.  We recognise the pressures, uncertainties and challenges of moving from childhood to adulthood, so if our girls have any worries at all, there is always someone qualified to talk to. Or sometimes a friendly chat and cup of tea is just the ticket, so we will always be there.

There are many people in school who are here to listen and help.  Girls can talk to their form tutor, a teacher, the School Nurses, Boarding House staff, Head of Key Stage, the Deputy Head or the Head.

Our girls are also magnificent in supporting each other. A real sense of friendship, loyalty and commitment underpins what makes us such a happy, secure and successful school.

Our listening and counselling services are provided by ‘Off the Record’. Our counsellor is available in ‘The Space’ between 1pm and 5pm on a Monday and a Thursday and an initial twenty-minute appointment can be made with her through the Medical Centre. The girls can also reach her directly by text or email.

Mrs Cowell is our student welfare co-ordinator and she is also the owner of Spitfire our Wellbeing dog. Sometimes a good chat and a walk with Spitfire can really help you feel better.