You will find friendship, collaboration and a ‘can-do’ attitude here along with personal freedom and responsibility.  It is so important to know that you will be supported at every step throughout your Sixth Form journey. In our experience it’s rare for any girl to sail through these years of choices and hard work without any need for advice, so the support of your own personal tutor is invaluable. You will have regular tutorials so that, together, you can take stock of how things are going and whether you are managing all the demands upon your time. Your tutor will be your biggest fan, your task master and your reality check – sometimes all at the same time!

Our listening and counselling services are provided by ‘Off the Record’. Our counsellor, France Le Garnec is available in ‘The Space’ between 1pm and 5pm on a Monday and a Tuesday and you can make an initial twenty minute appointment with her through the Medical Centre. You can also text her on 07787 418248 or email francelegarnec@offtherecord-banes.co.uk

There are also a number of organisations and Help Lines outside of school:

Childline: 0800 11 11 www.childline.org.uk
The Office of the Children’s Commissioner 0800 528 0731