¡ven a estudiar con nosotros! (come and study with us!)”
Miss Cossey, Sra Knight, Sra Martínez-Gran and Sr Roca

As well as giving students an excellent command of the Spanish language and the confidence to express themselves orally and in written work, students explore the rich culture of Spain and South America. We encourage the creative use of language and use authentic materials. For example, as part of their curriculum Year 7 write about South American animals in the target language, Year 9 create voiceovers for their fashion show in Spanish and Year 10 write their own songs, with Spanish lyrics and their own original melody. Year 10 students have been awarded prizes in the South West MFL pop video competition for their original and brilliantly performed songs. This sense of ambition, enjoyment and creativity is celebrated alongside academic rigour and outstanding results at IGCSE.

Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to enhance their linguistic skills on our annual language trip to Spain. Students stay with host families and attend the language school in the mornings. In the afternoons we enjoy the cultural experiences that Spain has to offer, for example, flamenco lessons (the favourite!), tapas and visiting museums and historical sites. Fantastic progress in language skills is made over the week and students have plenty of fun too.

We organise visits to the theatre, tapas evenings and cinema trips. Every opportunity is taken to give the students the opportunity to explore and experience Spanish and South American culture. Our Peruvian conversation assistant, Sra Knight, regularly hosts fiestas inviting students to share in her cultural heritage.

The Spanish department is vibrant, exciting and high-achieving!

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