Design Technology

In the Sixth Form, the creativity and skills of our Design Technology (DT) students are challenged and supported in every way possible, helping them to produce outstanding work and emerge as effective and independent learners.”
Mrs Gill, Head of Technology

The focus of our DT course at A Level is Product Design (3D Design). All students are encouraged to work more independently and with greater ambition at this stage, and are given a higher level of freedom over their choice of projects. This creates a wonderful atmosphere of creativity and expression, whilst a focus on tackling problems with real-world applications and solutions is maintained at all times.

In the first year of the A Level course, our students develop an understanding of a broad range of materials, with emphasis on the life cycle of products, manufacture and the final disposal. We also consider the broader issues for the environmental sustainability of products and the consumer safety. In the second year you are given the opportunity to develop further the knowledge and practical skills gained in your first year. You will continue to develop a body of coursework alongside an understanding of the processes and procedures of commercial production and manufacture.

Our classes are taught by our team of highly talented teachers who ensure personalised, individualised support, and all lessons take place in our specialist workshops. Here, the facilities available to all girls are excellent as all workshops are equipped with advanced resources such as a laser cutting machine, 4-axis routing machines and a brand new 3D printer. This printer in particular enables the girls to see the designs they create on our specialist computer aided drawing software to come to life in top quality, sophisticated models. The workshops are open most days until 6pm to allow the girls to put as much time as they like into their projects. The quality of the work produced throughout their time on this course really does speak for itself, and is greatly admired by staff, students and external visitors alike.

Girls are encouraged to create links within our community to help bring their projects to life. They are also given the chance to gain a real insight into modern manufacturing and material requirement planning through our annual trip to the Jaguar-Landover factory. Here, the theoretical becomes a reality.

As well as several of our A Level students being awarded the Arkwright Scholarship, we are proud that many girls each year go on to study engineering, product design and architecture at some of the best universities in the UK. The grounding we provide allows them to flourish in whatever their chosen path.

Sixth Form Curriculum