Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is at the centre of the IB Diploma.”

It provides an opportunity for you to follow talents, hobbies and interests outside the classroom and to develop many other skills which are valuable to life beyond school. It is not taught, though some school time is dedicated to CAS activities.

While CAS is not formally assessed in the sense of examinations, in order to obtain a Diploma you do need to fulfil the requirements of three Creativity, three Activity and three Service activities during the two years of the course. You also pursue one or more long term projects such as the Red Cross International Ambassadors, the Crane Academy Team, or working outside school for a charity. Assessment is through the reflections you engage in before, during and after each activity. A CAS log or journal is essential so that you monitor your own learning in such areas as ethical and global awareness, collaboration and perseverance and assess how and in what ways you have been able to help others.

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Importance of CAS

CAS focuses you on the core of the IB educational philosophy: your development as a whole person. Your activities, freely chosen, will enable you to appreciate the potential of people by pushing your own personal growth and helping others with theirs; to become aware of humanitarian issues in the world and the ethical responsibilities you have as a global citizen; to discover more about your own talents; to develop greater autonomy and to enjoy yourself and others as human beings.

Variety of Activities

While you will need to develop initiative and find activities of your own outside school, there is a wealth of activities offered within school. It is essential to undertake at least one project, combining two or more of the elements, but in addition you can do:

  • Yoga (A)
  • Ceramic and Pottery (C)
  • Rock Climbing (A)
  • Singing in a Choir (C)
  • Editing the school magazine or the Sixth Form Magazine (C)
  • Coaching a football team (A)
  • Training for and running a half marathon (A)
  • Participating in a school Drama production (C)
  • Helping a child learn to read (C/S)
  • Helping an elderly person keep their independence (C/A/S)
  • MUN (C)
  • Dance (C/A)
  • Debating (C)
  • Participating in Race for Life (A/S)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition (A)
  • Young Enterprise (C) and much more!

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