Mother Tongue Language A

The IB is committed to enabling students around the world to continue studying the language and literature of their mother tongue to the highest level, and therefore offers students the opportunity to achieve a bilingual diploma by taking a second language A subject, alongside English Literature.”
Ib mother tongue

The benefits of studying your mother tongue are enormous:

  • You receive a bilingual Diploma
  • You remain in touch with your own language and culture while studying in a foreign country and language
  • You may find yourself with additional career opportunities

Our MFL department is able to support the following language A courses, subject to uptake:

  • French HL/SL
  • German HL/SL
  • Spanish HL/SL
  • Mandarin HL/SL

As with English A, you read widely: you study ten texts from three to four different genres and from at least three historical periods across the four distinct parts of the course. All texts are chosen in discussion with the IB Coordinator.

To continue studying Mandarin is important to me because I think and dream in both English and Mandarin, which means greater variety. To stop studying my mother tongue would mean losing one of the constants in my life and a vital part of my culture.”
IB Student

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