German B

The IB Diploma course aims to develop oral and written skills in a range of contexts such as letters, speeches, newspaper articles, diaries, factual pieces, instructions, analytical essays and imaginative work.”

The IB Diploma Course aims to develop oral and written skills in a range of contexts such as letters, emails, speeches, blogs, diaries, factual pieces, analytical essays and imaginative work. As a linguist, a huge array of career options is open to you.

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe with 110 million speakers. German speaking nations are at the forefront of design, environmental and scientific technology. German can be combined with many other subjects at university, allowing students to develop their linguistic and vocational skills simultaneously.

Students are encouraged to use German in a wide range of contexts. All our audio material is available on the school intranet and websites are used regularly in lessons, as well as music, poetry and film. In addition, we have an extensive selection of DVDs, which aid students to widen their experience and understanding of the culture of German speaking countries.

You will study topics of global and personal relevance; the environment, the family, cultural diversity, health, immigration, popular culture and the media.

By the end of the course, you will feel confident about speaking, writing and understanding German. In addition, you will have gained an insight into Germany, Switzerland and Austria, their people, language and culture. Taking German at IB level will give you the potential to pursue it at a higher level, possibly with another subject.

Past students have studied German and Law, German and History, German and Russian. The transferable skills of linguists make them highly sought after across all professions; including banking, business, accounting, the media, travel and tourism. On average, languages graduates earn 8% more than their peers.

We believe that it is essential for students to experience the German language and culture first-hand. All students are given the opportunity to take part in the German exchange trip to Münster where they follow a tailor-made programme. There may also be the opportunity to participate in a language visit to Berlin, visiting a language school and experiencing the fascinating city of Berlin.

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