The IB course will give you a sound grasp of the theory that economists use to explain events, predict what will happen, and advise governments on how to run the economy.”

It’s not just about means, Economics is also concerned with ends. What sort of society and world do we want to live in? Is the global distribution of income and wealth ‘fair’? If not, what can and should be done about it?

We have a responsibility to future generations to avoid major climate change, how can it be achieved at the lowest cost to the current generation? Should healthcare and education be the responsibility of individuals and families, or should the State provide these, financed out of taxation?

If these questions arouse your interest, there is a strong probability that you will enjoy the subject. The IB Economics course has a strong international dimension, so we are not always looking at the United Kingdom, or even the developed world in our studies. Indeed, development economics is one of the core areas of the course. The subject will certainly contribute to your education as a global citizen.

The subject will help you to understand much about the contemporary world, its challenges, conflicts and possibilities for improvement. To succeed in Economics you need to have an enquiring mind, good analytical reasoning skills and sound basic numeracy.

IB Curriculum