Computer Science

The IB Computer Science course is engaging, accessible, inspiring and rigorous.”

Girls’ schools that offer post-16 Computer Science are rare. We are proud to offer this increasingly popular subject to enable girls to compete equally in a technical world. The content in the standard level course is of a similar level to GCSE but with additional IT systems material. It is suitable for those who have done GCSE or for those who have not taken the subject before but show a keen interest in coding or have some aptitude in foreign languages.

The IB Computer Science course is engaging, accessible, inspiring and rigorous. It requires an understanding of the fundamental concepts of computational thinking as well as knowledge of how computers and other digital devices operate.

For those wishing to pursue the subject at university, the IB course is a fantastic introduction and along with Higher Level Mathematics, will allow students to get to top universities.

Several universities are now also offering fully sponsored degrees and there are many degree apprenticeships available with organisations such as GCHQ, Facebook, Accenture and the BBC.

Girls interested in careers in other subjects can still benefit from opting for Computer Science, as technology pervades the modern workplace and those who understand how these systems work will have the edge. It also demonstrates high levels of logic and problem-solving skills.

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