If you opt to study the IB Diploma, you will study many of the same topics as you did at GCSE but in greater depth.”

The core topics that you will study will include Forces, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electricity and magnetism, Circular motion, Gravitation, Radioactivity and Energy production. If you study to Higher Level, you will cover the more difficult aspects of these topics and further areas such as Fields and Electromagnetic induction.

At both Standard and Higher Level, you will also study one of the following option topics; Astrophysics, Engineering Physics, Imaging and Relativity. The decision as to which topic will be studied will be based upon the teaching strengths of the teachers and the interests of each class.

Practical work will be carried out throughout the course and you will also carry out an individual scientific investigation which will take about 10 hours. This will be formally assessed and contribute to your overall Group 4 subject mark.

You will also need to collaborate, not just with students in the class, but internationally. Participation in the Group 4 project, a collaborative activity involving students from the different group 4 subjects, will encourage this as well as your imagination.

If you are particularly interested in pursuing engineering as a career, there is the possibility of undertaking either an Engineering Education Scheme project or a National Engineering Competition project about how engineers can solve the challenges of the 21st century.

IB Curriculum