The Mathematics IB curriculum is divided into two parallel strands: Applications and Interpretation, and Analysis and Approaches. At RHS we offer Applications and Interpretation at Standard Level, and Analysis and Approaches at both Higher Level and Standard Level.”

Students would opt for the Analysis and Approaches course if they are a scientist or a social scientist using Mathematics to assist them in the interpretation of experimental results. Analysis and Approaches (SL) would suit those going into degrees that have a mathematical element, but are not purely based on Maths, such as Medicine, Pure Sciences, and combined science.

Analysis and Approaches (HL) is a challenging course which would suit the student wishing to go on to study a degree course with a strong focus on Mathematics. It focuses on the more abstract concepts needed to take Maths further.

There will be some financial applications as well as the development of proofs in algebra and trigonometry. The Calculus is taken to a very high level, including the study of continuity, limits and L’Hopital’s Rule.

A good training in post GCSE Maths is recommended or essential in careers like Engineering, Economics, Operations research, Accountancy, Environmental Science, Finance, Insurance, Software design, Social Planning, Medicinal trials, Aviation, Construction, Design, Veterinary science, Medicine, and Risk analyst, Programmer, among others.

IB Curriculum