IB Music is an exciting and broad syllabus and is suitable for all those who enjoy listening to and playing music of any sort and are keen to learn more about music and how it works. The key areas of focus are performing, composing and history/analysis (at SL this depends on which options are chosen).”

The scope of the course is very wide so much of the lesson time is spent investigating the widest possible variety of music from different time periods and places, whilst focusing on particular areas of interest amongst those in the group. The course involves less practical application of music theory than A Level, though a working knowledge of basic theory is essential.

Music offers a wide range of career paths, from all kinds of performance work to composing for TV/film/radio, access to the performing arts and theatre, journalism and research, teaching, music therapy, instrument making, studio technology and much more. There are more jobs than ever in music business-related areas, such as careers in digital marketing, social media, PR, technology, label services, ticketing and merchandising.

There are opportunities to participate in a range of extra-curricular musical activities that will enhance your general and practical musicianship skills.

IB Curriculum