Year 3


Year 3 is a very important and exciting year for the girls as it is the first year in Key Stage 2.

Learning to Learn is a big focus as the girls build on the skills they have learnt in the Infants and endeavour to become even more independent.

This is also the year that the pupils develop their performance skills, in the hugely popular Pantomime production.  It is an incredible experience and the confidence and enjoyment of the girls is always a pleasure to see.

At the start of the year, our theme in Year 3 is ‘History Detectives’. Being located in Bath means we have a great starting point for this subject and we, of course, visit The Roman Baths as well as many other museums and sites of interest in this beautiful city. As part of ‘History Detectives’, we also study the Celts and work on our own Celtic roundhouse.





This year the Year 3s took part in a watercolour workshop with a local artist then exhibited their work in a Bath art gallery. Using fruit from the school grounds the girls have made 50 jars of jellies and chutneys. They sold them at school and in a local café and have donated all the profits to charity. We have also visited the Senior school for a Boudicca and Latin workshop as well as taking part in a bridge building session in the DT department when studying Roman engineering.



During the Spring term our Theme is ‘Chocolate’. With a focus on Geography, the girls learn about South America as well as other cacao growing regions across the world and farming techniques. During History, Xocolati in the Mayan and Aztec culture are also studied. The girls take part in many STEM activities using chocolate and we start to prepare our allotment and plastic bottle greenhouse for the growing season. We also enjoy a trip to Cadbury World.

In the Summer Term, the theme is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. The girls explore our school grounds to find out more about our Cranwell ‘Big 5’ and study our wildlife footage cameras to learn about animal behaviour. Animals across the globe, conservation and environmental issues are all areas that are covered in this theme. We also incubate chicks and this year successfully hatched seven bantams at the back of our classroom. During this term Year 3 girls camp for a night in the school grounds. We have scavenger hunts, sing around a campfire, cook marshmallows and listen to stories by torchlight in the Celtic Hut.

We have incredible grounds here at Cranwell and so Outdoor Learning is embedded throughout the Year 3 curriculum to give the girls truly memorable experiences as well as providing many opportunities to have great fun!