What’s special about the IB at RHS?


The annual IB Orientation

Lulworth Cove, the Forest of Dean, Cheddar Gorge, Exmoor: all these beautiful locations have been the venue for the annual 3-day Orientation trip, and we are always looking to expand our horizons!

The Orientation is designed to help the new IBers to understand the two-year programme ahead of them, and to provide the IB2 girls with a space to look ahead and plan their final year at school. 

The Annual International Exchange

Central to the IB’s mission is the desire to develop internationally-minded people, and our Exchange every March and April with a state gymnasiet in Boras, in western Sweden, gives the IB1 girls the opportunity to meet students of very different backgrounds as well as of varied nationalities. Sven Erikson Gymnasiet recruits IB students from its own Swedish population, but the IB programme also attracts diplomat’s children, asylum seekers and any other foreign nationals who speak English but not Swedish.

In March we host our counterparts from Boras in regular academic lessons for three to four days, and when they host us in April, the students all work together in small groups, considering and then presenting a real-life issue through the TOK lens and learning much about each other’s cultures and beliefs in the process. Our girls are hosted in Sweden by different families and various social events feature in both parts of the Exchange. 


IB Research Projects

Bath lies close to both the assessment heart of the IB in Cardiff and to one of the IB’s Research bases at Bath University. We are often asked to participate in new IB ventures, both actively and in research projects.