Message from the Head


Welcome from the Head

I am passionate about girls' education and much of my career has been spent in schools founded by remarkable, forward-thinking women. I believe that girls' schools have an important role to play in preparing girls for our ever-changing complex world. I am so pleased that, as Head, I can play a part in the story of this great school.

The Royal High School is built on the firm foundation of 150 years of educating women, and it is looking forward confidently. My vision is to offer an outstanding, contemporary, girl-centred education from nursery to sixth form. This dovetails with the Girls' Day School Trust (GDST) vision to be at the forefront of girls' education in the UK. My goal is to ensure that the girls in my care leave school as well-educated, well-rounded and well-balanced young women who are able to navigate a global, multicultural, technology-driven world successfully, and who are willing and able to make a positive difference.

The Royal High School is an innovative, high-achieving day and boarding school that provides a wonderfully happy environment for every girl to excel academically, thrive emotionally and develop socially. It is clear to me that those who are fortunate enough to be educated here go on to achieve success in whatever sphere they choose.

Do come and visit - I'd be delighted to meet you to talk about your daughter and whether the Royal High School might be the right school for her.

Mrs Jo Duncan