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A Visit to Jaguar Land Rover

05 十一月 2018

On the morning of Tuesday 9th October, 30 IB and A-level Economics and DT students set out on a long drive to Birmingham to see for ourselves the progress of an automotive industry - the Jaguar factory.

When we arrived we were taken into a business room to be told about the goals and aspirations of the company for the upcoming years, about their plans on making self-driving cars, the consequences of Brexit and the increase in production. Then, our tour guides - former workers of the firm - took us around the whole factory, showing the step-by-step process of the assembly, from door handles to a fully-fitted premium sports car.

It was fascinating to see that more than half of the employees are, in fact, industrial robots. The precision and efficiency with which they work were mesmerising and almost scary. It made us realise how advanced the technology is now these days and we were amazed at the harmony with which humans have managed to integrate machines into the production, making it faster and better.

After being told that the Supervisors get to have a Jaguar car, a lot of girls have shown a keen interest in working there and have been given contacts to organise work experience. So hopefully, we will soon have an article coming from an employee of the firm!

Sasha, IB2

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