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Art School Taster Lesson for our RHS Juniors

11 十月 2017

A Matisse Still Life inspired by Richard Diebenkorn

We, as a department, were delighted to welcome our Royal High School Juniors in to the Art School for a lesson in creativity. The young artists from the Junior School were certainly up for any challenge and this task was certainly challenging.

Firstly, we looked at the work of Richard Diebenkorn, an American artist who was inspired by the Californian light, landscape and cityscape of his home. Richard Diebenkorn was a wonderful draughtsman who delighted in the work of Matisse. He made several ‘pen and wash’ studies through his life, inspired by Matisse. This was to be our subject for our taster lesson.

Each girl was given a square piece of paper and a handful of permanent pens, which meant no rubbing out! This was the time to be brave. I’m happy to report that our Year 6s were brave and adventurous in their drawing and if the drawing wasn’t quite correct, they corrected it by over drawing. This is perfect Art School technique and something a professional artist would do every day of their working life.

Once the drawing element was completed we introduced the next stage of the work. This was to add watercolour in order to add a tonal element. I restricted the girls to just black and perhaps some brown to warm the tones of the black; it was to be a monochrome drawing. They could then create a tonally rich ‘pen and wash’ drawing which described the ‘Still Life’ with which they were presented.

I’m delighted with all that was accomplished through this wonderful hour of engaging activity and creativity, where the challenges presented were approached with great energy and enthusiasm for making art. The future looks very good indeed as we look to welcoming another cohort of young artists in to the Art School next September 2018!

Very well done to all that attended and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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