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Artful Physics

03 三月 2017

Many congratulations go to one of our Year 12 IB students, Maia Eyre-Morgan, whose poem titled “Humans, Physics and The Universe” has been shortlisted for the 17 – 18 age category in this year’s CREATIONS Artful Physics competition. This is a competition run by Exeter and Birmingham Universities, in conjunction with the Science and Technology Facility Council, that is designed to encourage students who have a burning passion for physics and astronomy to express themselves artistically.  As you can see from Maia’s poem she has definitely managed to do this, capturing her ideas about the Universe in a very creative, entertaining and inspiring way.

Maia will now attend the Artful Physics Award Ceremony at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in April, during which the overall winners of the different age categories will be announced.  We will be keeping our fingers crossed that she is successful and wins one of the ‘money can’t buy’ experience prizes!

Mrs Williams


Humans, Physics and The Universe


The universe started as a singularity.
Everything that we are, that our world is,
Or was, or will be-
All of this
Came from that single mass of matter. 

At one time, there were not even atoms,
Or neutrons, protons, electrons-
None of them. 

It was too hot. The particles kept on going
Quark after quark, racing past
Fast, hot, chaotic
In an indiscriminate mess of matter 

The universe is getting bigger,
Bigger and colder, like the heart
Of a man who has lost the joy
Of a boy
And feels like nothing matters. 

The edges race away from us.
We cannot grasp at them, they escape
To everywhere with ever-increasing velocity,
Like a bubble. 

Maybe the universe is equally fragile.
One day fated to burst
Inwards, or outwards, and shatter. 

We are fragile. In this huge cold dark
That is only getting darker
And colder and scarier every second.
Tending towards entropy
And we don’t even see it.
We can’t see it. 

We are so tiny,
Recycled out of old stardust.
Living little lives, discerning the laws
That govern our existence,
That govern us
Trying to figure out if we matter… 

We are children of the stars,
Trying to wander out into this universe
That is more than we ever prepared for.
It goes on forever
But we cannot. 

The relentless question, the only question that matters
We never stop asking.
We will never stop asking.
We are human.
Whatever that self-chosen word means. 

We are human;
We look up and wonder,
Our questions are our legacy.
This star-speckled sky is but a fraction
Of the infinity we call the universe. 


Maia Eyre-Morgan

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