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Boarding Life at RHS

30 一月 2020

With many exciting trips planned, this weekend saw a hub of activity in Boarding. In-house activities included pizza making, shadow boxes and some well-earned rest, relaxation and downtime for the Year 11s, who have just finished their mock examinations, as well as several trips out to laser tag, chocolate making and Tivoli Cinema.

Pizza Making

On Saturday afternoon, we did pizza making and it was really fun! Elianah made a margherita with cheese, tomato and some herbs that were very strong. It was fun kneading the dough to make the base. We put different toppings on every pizza and it was really delicious! The pizza made the room smell nice and warm. It was nice that we all had different toppings. But the best part was eating it. We love making pizza! 

by Elianah, Jasmine, Hilda and Hayley, Year 7 Boarders

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