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Classics Department welcomes visiting author Ben Kane

08 二月 2018

Ben Kane – author of 12 Roman novels came to The Royal High School, dressed as a Roman soldier, to perform an inspiring talk to Year 9. He introduced us to many interesting facts about Roman medicine, how Romans lived, what it was like to be a slave in the Roman world and common causes of death for men and women. We were taught about the animals involved in gladiator fights, including ostriches, elephants, bears and lions; many of which the Romans made extinct in certain countries!

We were encouraged to handle replicas of various Roman artefacts, such as chainmail (which was far heavier than we expected!); small weapons used in war which were intended for people to stand on; crockery; kettles and an array of other objects.

We also had the opportunity to purchase three of his books including Eagles of War (second book in a series of 5), Hannibal – Enemy of Rome (first book in a series of 4) and Spartacus the Gladiator (first book in a series of 2).

Ben Kane’s visit was a fun, educational way to spend the afternoon and he opened our eyes to how lucky we are not to be a Roman!
Aoife, Year 9

Last Friday, Ben Kane, a novelist specialising in historical fiction, visited our school. His books are based around true events from the Roman era, and they are a fun and informative way to learn about that time. As someone very interested in the subject matter, I found his presentation fascinating, and I can honestly say I learnt many things about the Romans that I had never heard before. I mean, who knew that there’s a loaf of bread still in Pompeii today that was baked on the day Vesuvius erupted? He presented a very engaging display, and even showed us some pictures from his own extensive travels.
Yael, Year 9

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