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Digital Learning at the Junior School

09 七月 2018

This year at the Royal High Junior School, we have had a fabulous year of digital learning.

Thanks to the Friends donations, the girls have had the opportunity to use iPads to create animations and control Spheros; in the Lower School girls have been introduced to Cubetto, also funded by the Friends. Alongside laptops, pupils from Nursery through to Year 6 have used iPads to further enhance their digital skills. Most year groups have visited the Apple Store to attend a workshop on a range of themes from iMovie to Garage Band. We thought we would share some of our digital learning experiences with you, showing how it supports and enhances our creative Cranwell curriculum.

In Nursery, Reception and Year One, the girls have been introduced to Cubetto. This is an excellent resource that enables the girls to compile their own simple codes, without a screen in sight. This provides a fantastic base to introduce the girls to programming. Cubetto has a range of adventures including Ancient Egypt, Space, in the city and under the ocean.

During Year One and Two’s class assemblies, they were able to showcase their newly acquired green screen skills. Helping bring their curriculum to life, the girls performed simple drama sketches. Year Five also used the green screen to enhance their presentations on South America, whereas other year groups have taken a step back in time to produce Elizabethan themed book covers.

In Year Two, girls have been using Scratch Jnr to begin creating simple animations and games using block coding. This is a natural step on from Cubetto, where the girls are creating simple algorithms with physical blocks and lead perfectly onto Scratch which is introduced in Year Three. Year Three have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own podcasts, using Garage Band. After preparing their scripts, girls from Year 6 supported Year 3 —providing an opportunity for the older girls to share their expertise. It is fantastic to see teamwork, alongside digital learning and drama.

In Year Four, girls used Scratch to create their own Tudor quizzes. This enabled the girls to further develop their programming and coding skills using block code. By introducing variables and Boolean operators, the girls are becoming confident at producing their own algorithms.

Building on these skills, Year Five went on to apply their block coding skills to produce simple games onto a Microbit (a small handheld programmable computer). In Year Five, the girls are also introduced to Python as they build their programming skills to extend beyond block code.

This year, with the introduction of Spheros (small programmable robots), the Year Six girls have used block code to program robots and also to use them in science investigations relating to friction. By the end of Year Six, the girls are creating simple websites using HTML.

This year also saw our first Digital Daughter event with Year Six and Senior school girls supporting visiting families with a wide of range of activities. In Year Three and Four, as well as in Inspire, girls have used the animation studios to create their own stop-motion animations.

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