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EAL Public Speaking Competition

29 十一月 2018

Huge congratulations to Jean Yang in Year 8 who came first in the Junior section of this year’s EAL Public Speaking Competition between Royal High School Bath, Kingswood, Prior, Monkton and Stonar, which was held at the Royal High School Bath on Tuesday evening.

Triana Rubio Bellon (Year 9) and Arya Ma (Year 12) also represented the school and delivered highly polished speeches that were also deserving of prizes. Each of them had to deliver their speech in a room of 90 people, which is pretty daunting in itself, never mind in an additional language but they rose to the challenge magnificently!

The competition is only open to students who have been studying in an English speaking environment for less than two years, yet the standard of the speeches – and the English – is always impressively high and as usual the talks covered a range of interesting and sometimes surprising topics. Jean, for example spoke about Why We Sometimes Need To Say No, Triana spoke about Endangered Animals and Arya explored an issue with Mislabelling: Selling Trout as Salmon in China.

I was enormously proud of all three Royal High School girls. They had all worked extremely hard to produce and practise their excellent talks.

I would also like to thank Nick Evans and Lu Scott for giving up their time to be brilliant Judges and to Emma Custodio who hosted the event on behalf of senior management.

Lesley Heseltine

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