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Exploring the Wonders of China

20 十一月 2017

On Thursday 19th October at 7pm, Tilly, Summer, Mrs Liu and I met at KES with a group of 21 others that we had never met before, to go to China! We had to go on two flights one stopping at Abu Dhabi and then the second where we finally stopped at Beijing.

As soon as we got off the plane we went straight to the
Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, then headed for an early night. The next few days in Beijing we went to the Great Wall Of China, The Olympic Park and the Birds Nest, Jingshan Park, Temple of Heaven, a tea ceremony and a kungfu show. We then left Beijing after three days on a sleeper train to Xian. When we arrived in Xian we went straight for some food then to the Terracotta Warriors!

After lunch we went to the city walls and cycled around for an hour (I think the teachers were just trying to get us tired for another sleeper train!) We then went back to the station - after our dumpling dinner -  to get on another sleeper train to Suzhou.

Here we met the other group who started at Shanghai. Suzhou was the hottest place we had been so far and when we met our guide we went to visit Tongli a world heritage listed water town. We then checked into our hotel for a well-earned shower and then had dinner.

The next day we spent the morning at a local school teaching them English and then they taught us calligraphy. In the afternoon we had the World Heritage Conference and we won!

That night we had a canal boat ride illuminated by Chinese lanterns. The next day we went to another school and taught some more English to a new class and then went back to the previous school to meet our host family for the first time. This was the part of the trip everyone was nervous about. When we met our host family they were all amazing and caring and kept giving us more food.

The next day we spent the morning with our host family and then got dropped off back at the hotel to go to Shanghai. The coach to Shanghai was only an hour and a half. Once we arrived, we checked into our hotel and had a nice lazy afternoon.

Our last day in China we spent sightseeing- where we saw and went up the pearl tower- before our late evening flight home. We took the Maglev train to the airport which went 399MPH! On Monday 30th October at 11am we arrived back in England after an amazing trip back from China. Thank you, Mrs Liu and all the other teachers who helped, make it such a memorable trip.

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