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02 十一月 2018

Year 7 Baking

On Saturday, the teachers told us that they were going to teach Year 7s and Year 8s how to bake cakes!

When we were in the kitchen we spread out into two groups to make different things. I was in the first group and we made brownies with marshmallows on top of the brownie to make them look like ghosts. Then we put it into the oven to let it bake. Then we can decorate it with icing and my friend decorated a cat and it is so pretty!!!

The second group made pumpkins with cereal and they put a mint chocolate bar on top after they made the pumpkins. The pumpkins were white because of the cereal but when they added the orange colouring in it, it made the cereal turn orange to look like a pumpkin. Then they put it in the fridge to cool.

While we were waiting, we made sausage rolls. Everyone got a sausage then started to wrap it with pastry to make it look like a mummy! After that the brownie is cooked. We cut the brownies and put the sausage in the oven. After a while the pumpkins are shaped into a pumpkin shape, we all got a plate and put our pumpkins and brownies on it and took a photo. The sausage is baked after I ate my brownie but still I cut my sausage into pieces and wrapped round my pumpkin.

I think baking is so fun and adorable. I can do it with my friends and you can eat it afterwards. I really want to do baking once more too.

by Yannes Heung, Diya Shreesh, Anastasiia Tymko, Yoyo Chien, Ashley Ulaikere


Year 9 & 10 Bowling

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the Hollywood Bowling Alley. In my opinion it was a very fun trip, as we didn't have to do much, and we spent the whole time chatting and “hanging out” with our friends! It was a very chilled activity, with a few screams every now and then after someone managed to get a strike. One of my highlights was finding a 10p stuck in one of the machines with my friend Ingrid at the arcade, which we risked using on one of the machines and unfortunately lost due to our lack of experience. Another of my highlights was seeing my friend Gladys improve. At the start she barely managed to hit one pin down (which I didn’t think was possible because we had the bumpers on) and by the end she was hitting pins left and right. At the end of bowling we were starving, having used most of our energy already. We moved ourselves to the dining part of the building, where most of us took very aesthetic pictures as our surroundings were picture perfect. Unfortunately, our food arrived late, and Ingrid and I were ready to sleep by the time it came, but it was worth the wait. By the way I recommend the lemon mocktail. Our way back was smooth and free of traffic, or at least I think it was because I was asleep the whole time!

MOJO Active

If you do not know how to spend time having fun, MOJO Active can help you. It was one of my coolest Sundays ever. Fresh air, friends and lots of adventures – what can be better?

My favourite was zorbing football. You play normal football but in a big transparent ball. It is so funny when you are running to hit the ball and someone pushes you. You fall and the zorb starts spinning. The hardest part is to stand up but it’s very funny.

Next was riding on a Segway. The most important thing to remember is to keep your balance. When you learn how to ride it, it becomes very cool. You can control the Segway by using the weight of your body.

The last one was archery tag, but don’t worry because the arrows were safe! There were two teams and you play different games using a bow and arrow. It is so cool. You have to try to hit someone from other team and of course, you should come up with strategies.


Year 11 Baking 

On Saturday, Miss Matthews and Miss Thomason organised an exciting weekend activity for boarders – Baking in the School House! As Halloween is coming soon, we made some meringues using food colouring in Halloween colours including purple, black and orange to make them spooky. Even though we made a little mess when we were trying to separate the egg yolk and egg white, we managed to make some crispy meringues at the end. We also decorated some soft and fudgey brownies. We dripped the melted vanilla butter icing on top of the marshmallows to make some cute ghosts. We even added the eyes and noses in black icing to make them look even more ghost like. Everyone showed their creativity and had different design for the brownies. They were easy to make but everyone enjoyed baking and decorating the meringues and brownies. We were very satisfied with our final products and they tasted delicious. Once again, thank you so much Miss Matthews and Miss Thomason for arranging such a lovely activity.

Wine Tasting

On the evening of the 13th of October 2018, a large group of year 12 and year 13 students had a session where they were able to try all sorts of wines, from prosecco to good old red wine! We were briefed by the owner of the Bristol wine school, who was such great fun and taught us so many ways in which the wine we drank was made, and how to get the most out of it through taste. He also taught us practical techniques to get the best smell out of the wine, as well as how to hold the wine glasses in order to increase the number of gas bubbles that we saw inside of them. Whilst we were trying the different wines we had alongside them a selection of different types of cheeses, cold meats, crackers and bread, which did not get neglected once we started, and allowed us to appreciate the different tastes of the different wines being tried. The whole event was such an amazing one and really helped us boarders to appreciate alcohol a bit more and the responsibility that comes with drinking it, as well as allow us to socialise more with each other and to forget about schoolwork for a little while. Overall, the activity was a relaxing yet fun experience in where we learnt more about the different selections of wine on offer. Therefore, we would like to thank all the boarding house staff, especially Mrs Leipold, for hosting and organising such a wonderful event for us!

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