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In Search of The Lost Testament of Alexander the Great

16 六月 2017

As a young child, I remember being told about a glorious figure who conquered parts of Asia, crossed deserts, mountains and an army that had been marching for eight years. I was very excited by such a heroic character, but soon I put Alexander the Great away on the bookshelf of my mind, forgetting a lot of his wonders. However, the talk re-awakened my memory and fascination of Alexander the Great.

The talk by author, David Grant, opened my eyes to many different aspects of Macedonia, Alexander’s father and his empire. What really caught my attention, was that most of the history of Alexander and the figures before him is not known of in great depth. Historians, I assume must work extremely hard to uncover truths of Alexander the Great. I think we were very lucky to have David Grant come to speak and enlighten us on some enthralling classical history, we don’t often hear of. I certainly learnt that Alexander’s last will and testament is still a bit of a mystery. I really wanted to find out more about Macedonia, Alexander the Great, and his father, so I bought the book by David Grant, to see if I could learn anything exciting and in more depth about Alexander the Great’s life.

Jessica, Year 10 Latin

On Friday afternoon, the Hudson Centre was filled with students from Year 10 to Year 12 who came to listen to a David Grant who spoke about `Alexander the Great’ someone who many students taking Latin, Classics and Ancient History, learn about and whether he was actually as great as people say. David Grant wrote the book ` In Search of the Lost Testament of Alexander the Great’ and some students and members of staff were lucky enough to buy a book and get it signed by him. The talk was extremely interesting and allowed me to put what I have learnt in class into context and it has definitely helped with understanding my course of `Alexander the Great’ as I am currently studying him and his course across Asia Minor. The speaker was very engaging and made the talk very interesting. He opened the afternoon with a short clip about Alexander, and continued to speak about his journey and life as king of Macedon. David Grant spoke about all the vital events in Alexander’s life such as the assassination of his father, his battles and the type of army he had and even his own death.

David finished the talk by telling us some interesting facts about archaeology that has been found from Alexander’s time in places across the world. He showed us pictures of remains from Philip’s grave which was discovered in the 1970s which was very interesting to see as we have studied it in class.

David Grant was also very helpful in answering some of the student`s questions and allowed people to go up to him after to get a book signed or to talk to him. The students enjoyed the visit and hope to have another talk from David as it was fascinating for many students to listen to what he had to say in order to put our courses into perspective and increase our understanding of the ancient world.

Ella, Year 12 Ancient History

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