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Inclusive Sport Volunteering in Madrid

24 十一月 2017

In July earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be given a one-off opportunity to do some work experience in Spain for 3 weeks, where I worked on several inclusive sports projects as well as volunteering with disabled children. Following on from my work in the summer, I was able to go back out to Madrid over half term to help assist with the annual inclusive sports week which I had helped to plan and organise.

The purpose of the main event, which this year took place on Friday 3rd November, was to improve and promote inclusion in sport between people with and without a disability, as well as raising awareness for disabled people and the daily struggles that they face. The aim of the event changes every year but this year our aim was to try and beat the world record for the largest number of penalties either thrown or kicked within 10 hours by people with and without a disability. After a day of inclusive sport and with the help of several famous Spanish actors, Olympians, Paralympians and Real Madrid footballers, we beat the world record with a figure of 1644 penalties over the 10 hours. We were also able to involve numerous different schools and even get coverage from TV and radios!

It was such an amazing event to be part of, and incredibly rewarding to see all the planning become a reality and all the hard work pay off. I feel very lucky to have been able to make a difference to so many lives by combining my passion for volunteering and inclusive sport with my love of languages for an experience that I know will be impossible to recreate.

Sophie, Year 13

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