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Junior Scenery and Props Club

26 六月 2018

Scenery and Props Club has been buzzing this year as the girls prepare for their dazzling end of year performing arts extravaganza. We started the club with our marketing competition to create original and eye-catching tickets and promotional posters for the show – various combinations of the eight winning designs will be winging their way to you all in the next few days for the various evening or matinee performances you have booked to see! This year’s production of ‘The Lion King’ has come with its own share of complicated props to work on, including a whole herd of dramatically striking wildebeest, carrion for the lion pride, elephant bones and grassland headdresses!

As usual, the Year 5 and 6 girls have worked with a great spirit of positivity and collaboration to complete design work, papiermâché, painting, sticking and finetuning, learning and perfecting new skills along the way – all with a committed level of focus and precision. They really enjoy taking ownership for this part of their production and are justifiably proud of the results.

In addition, the Year 6 the girls have been working to understand all the diverse elements of putting together a production. We have investigated both on stage and behind the scenes elements, visiting The Theatre Royal for a hands-on science workshop on pulleys and forces and their uses within the theatre. In addition, we were given a fascinating backstage tour, where we heard about the different theatrical superstitions and ghost stories!

As the final preparations draw to a close, all that remains is to combine the amazing costumes and make-up and let the props see the light of day as they are incorporated within the two Dress Rehearsals and the final performances – and to wish the girls ‘Break a leg!’

As for next week, sit back and soak up life in the African savannah - enjoy the sounds and colours of the African grasslands as the girls dazzle you with their sparkling performances. You are in for a treat! Enjoy! With special thanks to Miss Gurney and to Mrs David for their support with the club.

Mrs Sharples – Year 6

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